Supportive All Girls Environment 

At Birch, we provide a single sex environment that is safe, supportive, and positive. We nurture strong friendships, study inspiring stories of women leaders, and have role models from the community come talk to our students.


College Prep

We combine a rigorous Literacy and Math curriculum with a longer school year, longer school day, and a small teacher/student ratio.  All of our students have individual academic and character goals and receive one-on-one support to meet their goals.


Enrichment Classes

In addition to a world class Literacy and Math program, our students will have hands-on science, a class on public speaking and discussion skills, vocal music, art, coding, and a class on entrepreneurship. We also offer physical fitness and health daily where our students learn sportsmanship, nutrition, and yoga and martial arts.



Character Ed and Mindfulness

We believe being happy, kind and being able to cope with stress is as important as academic excellence. We teach character education in our lessons and have time for meditation each day. In addition, our students learn the value of service by performing a service project in their community each year.